Street Smart Fitness of Michigan

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MMA, Boxing and Martial Arts for All Ages

MMA, Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing and More. This is one of the areas that Street Smart Fitness excells. CEO Mike Dominick C.P.T has over 20 years of experience in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. His fight career spanned 16 years and over 50 fights and 21 exibitions. All of your training can be applied to "real world" scenarios as well.

Boxing and Kickboxing are one of the highest calorie burns around! Our experienced trainers will work mitts, kick sheilds and pratical fight style training to shape and tone your body to a whole new level, or get you in fighting shape!!

(One of Mike's last sanctioned fights in 1998
  Red, White and Blue Head Gear)

"Women are tough as nails!"  Shape and Tone your body like never before with training in boxing and martial arts! There are few things that burn more calories, and its a blast!!